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Hi I’m Ben, I’m vegan, I lift weights, run, and build websites like the vegan media website  Sometimes I  supplement my resistance training with protein shakes, just like many athletes do, whether they are vegan or not. Increasingly non-vegan fitness buffs are switching to vegan powders as a healthier alternative.

I want to be clear – by no means do vegans, even elite vegan athletes, need to supplement with protein powders.  You can easily build and maintain muscle just by eating foods in their whole state.  I personally see protein powders as a cheap convenient way to help jump-start muscle repair after a workout and sometimes the morning after.  Keep in mind however, it may not  be in the interest of human longevity to consume extra protein, as science is showing certain amino acids such as methionine, are correlated with decreased life-spans (more on that in future post!).

I will be adding a series of posts to this website, but for now I wanted to throw up a little something about where I have found excellent quality protein that is 1/2 the cost of the numerous brands of plant protein powders that you’ll find at stores and on Amazon etc.

For the past 4 years I’ve bought vegan protein powders from a website called True Nutrition, formerly True Protein. They offer two kids of pea protein (an isolate and a concentrate), two kinds of rice protein (regular and premium), hemp protein, alfalfa protein, soy protein, sacha inchi protein, pumpkin protein, and cranberry protein. In addition, they also offer high quality slow digesting carbohydrates, like sweet potato powder.

For about 1/2 the cost of popular plant protein brands, you can customize your own blends on the website by simply sliding a percentage bar. You can also add flavorings, and natural sweeteners like stevia. Consider mixing in or getting separate, some of the unique protein powders they offer, like Alfalfa protein powder, which has 98% of your daily calcium in one 30g scoop and sweet potato powder which has 434% RDA of Vitamin A, and half your daily C, among other vitamins and minerals.

I do get something out of sharing this… if you use the friend referral coupon code: BMN715 then you save 5% off your order and I get 5% store credit so we both win 🙂

Here’s a link directly to the vegan section on their website:

I’m slowly adding pages to this website, so look around at the menu on the left if you would like to learn some of my favorite protein blends, why I do that, debunking amino acid profiles, and more discoveries I’ve made regarding protein.


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